In the winter of 1618-1619, Dordrecht hosted an event known as the Synod. The question up for debate during this Calvinist ecclesiastical assembly was the extent to which individual interpretation of the articles of faith should be permitted. This issue had political implications as well. Internal conflicts were threatening to tear the fledging Dutch Republic apart. Will the Synod manage to preserve a sense of unity?

From November 1618 until May 1619, delegates from across the Republic – and all of Europe – came together in Dordrecht. What awaited them here? Synode 5D enables you to visit the city as it was then. You download the app in the store and travel back in time to 1618

The map shows you where you are now. When you stand in the right spot and look around, it becomes obvious how much the city has changed in the last 400 years. It is possible to take the six points as a guide for a city walk. The route will lead you from the Groothoofdspoort, the city gate, to the assembly location in the Doelstraat.

Synode 5D contains a great deal of background information on places, residents and events. To read this information, simply click on the tags that appear automatically. You can search by category, too: Daily life, Commerce, Art & architecture, Religion and Politics & government. These will appear both on the map and in the virtual environment. Click the “Information” button at the lower left of the home screen.

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For children
Synode 5D has also been adapted into a children’s version. Kids can tap the yellow icon to meet Sijmen. He will guide them to the most exciting places in the city and show them where he lives, plays and has exciting adventures. But first, they’ll have to do their best and find where Sijmen’s hiding!

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