400 years Dordt and the States Bible
The Synod of Dordrecht ordered the first official Dutch translation of the Bible: the Statenbijbel (States Bible). Bibles in Dutch already existed but were criticised for their reliability. A new translation from the original languages Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic would be the answer. The first edition of this new translation was published in 1637.

In Dordrecht, the States Bible was printed and published by a family of printers called Keur. Their so-called Keur Bijbel became famous for its high quality – not least since the Dutch word keur implies top quality. Customers from all parts of the Netherlands came to Dordrecht to design their own, unique Bible. It could be tailored in size and style, starting at a standard simple version to a highly personalised, richly illustrated edition.

In the exhibition Design your own bible, the visitor learns about the Keur family and their printing workshop. The richness and variety of the Keur Bible, the detailed bible maps and beautiful prints are central to the exhibition.

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